News Daily Spot: German president regrets atrocities in Colonia Dignidad

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German president regrets atrocities in Colonia Dignidad

The German President Joachim Gauck, who was visiting Tuesday in Chile, lamented the atrocities in Colonia Dignidad, an enclave of German immigrants located in southern Chile that the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet used as a detention and torture.

Gauck criticized German diplomacy has done nothing about Colonia Dignidad where they lived hundreds of German settlers under the leadership of Paul Shcäfer a excabo Army Nazi who founded it in 1961, who installed a dark system of indoctrination, slave labor and sexual abuse minors perpetrated by its founder.

"What Germany regrets is that German diplomats first looked away, or allied themselves with victimizers. To me at least I would have loved a German foreign minister has expressed very clear words at that time," Gauck said

The site was also used for the detention and torture of political prisoners of the dictatorship of Pinochet (1973-1990). Nevertheless, Gauck denied that there is any "responsibility" of his country with the victims who left the Chilean military regime.

"The (diplomats) that in those days could make a notification to the government of the dictatorship did not have those possibilities," said the German president.

Germany announced last April that advance declassify files on Colonia Dignidad in the period 1986-1996. The president of Chile celebrated the news.

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