News Daily Spot: Facebook Messenger will provide end to end encryption

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Facebook Messenger will provide end to end encryption

Facebook announced Friday that it will offer a choice of "encryption end to end" for users of its Messenger application, following a trend that points towards better security and protection against electronic surveillance.


The "secret conversation" as the new function is called, can only be read by the sender and receiver of the message, the US technology giant reported.

"Offer more ways for people to share safely is an important step in making the world more open and connected step," said deputy chairman of the social network, David Marcus, on his Facebook page.

The new feature will serve to "ask medical advice from a doctor, send private account information to your spouse, or even your social security number" exemplified Marcus, arguing that "it is important to have options on hand to share these messages very delicate. "

Facebook had already begun to implement this type of encryption end to end messaging service WhatsApp and Google, Apple and other technology companies have made changes in this regard.

According to a statement from Facebook, the new function will be optional "because many people want Messenger to work when you change device such as a tablet, a desktop computer or phone" and encrypted messages can only be read on a device.

"The secret talks are available in a limited manner and tested by now, but we will make the option more accessible this summer," the statement said.

Facebook reported in April that Messenger had over 900 million users, nearly 1,000 million WhatsApp.

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