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Diabetes affects men's sexual health

Diabetes not only affects the kidneys, eyes or skin, but can also cause problems in the sexual health and reproductive difficulties, especially in men.

Dr. Naomi Santos, explained that the lack of a timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment of diabetes, causes millions of Mexican men are facing sexual and reproductive problems at an earlier age and with greater intensity health.

"Having blood glucose at a high level and chronically is because of several sexual problems in men with diabetes. Poor regulation of glucose can damage nerves and blood vessels involved in sexual response "

According to the specialist, there are three conditions that men with diabetes suffer in their sexual life:

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and maintain a rigid erection that allows penetration to orgasm and ejaculation in at least 50% of sexual encounters over a period of three months. The risk of disease increases between 35 and 75% and can occur 10 to 15 years before those without the disease. Similarly it has been linked to dysfunction as a symptom of diabetes.

Decreased testosterone: generates less interest in sex, depressed mood and lack of energy.

Trouble conceiving: Studies show that men with diabetes are less able to repair DNA of their sperm, which is associated with lower embryo quality and implantation rate of embryos and increased incidence of spontaneous abortions.

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