News Daily Spot: Charges dropped against three policemen over the death of a young black US

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Charges dropped against three policemen over the death of a young black US

Prosecutors charge of the trial for the fatal injuries suffered in police custody the young black Freddie Gray in Baltimore (USA) today decided to withdraw the charges against the three policemen who were to judge, which ends the case without a conviction
6 none of the agents involved.The state prosecutor announced the withdrawal of the charges against the officers Garrett Miller, William Porter and Alice White, who were to be tried this year for the death of Gray in April 2015, after a week in a coma for serious injuries sustained while he was taken in a police van.The decision comes after a judge exculpate all charges three other policemen accused, and involves the closure of one of the most high-profile trials in the United States in recent times.Freddie Gray case reopened racial fracture in the US and generated serious disturbances in Baltimore (Maryland), hundreds of arrests and protests across the country within the movement "Black Lives Matter" ( "Black lives matter").The unexpected withdrawal of the charges against the three officers arrived at the start of a hearing scheduled to begin the trial of one of them, Miller, when the deputy prosecutor of the state of Maryland, Michael Schatzow, informed the judge, Barry Williams, the state abandoned its case against the remaining policemen.That announcement comes nine days after Judge Williams indicated that absolved of all charges Lt. Brian Rice, the highest-ranking police accused of failing to prevent injuries sustained Gray and that led to his death.In addition, the judge acquitted two other officers, Edward Nero and Caesar Goodson in May and June respectively.Some of these agents faced more serious than the three remaining charges to judge, so that the prosecution seems to have recognized in its decision the unlikelihood that the new court proceedings will result in conviction.The prosecution claimed that officers failed in their duty by not putting the seat belt to Gray and put handcuffs on her wrists and shackles on his legs, preventing him from grabbing anywhere to avoid hitting against the metal walls of the vehicle during trip.The prosecution believes that the young black could be subjected to the practice known as the "ride cowboy" in which detainees are transferred unbelted in the metal cell vehicle between braking and sharp turns, so that they hit.The attorney general of the city, Marilyn Mosby, promised "justice" for a death that highlighted the inequalities experienced by poor black communities in the city.The United States has experienced several moments full of racial tension in the last year and a half, especially since the death in Ferguson (Missouri) in August 2014 black young Michael Brown at the hands of a white agent, who was later acquitted of all charges .

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