News Daily Spot: Brazilian prosecutors ruled that the charges against Rousseff are crimes

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Brazilian prosecutors ruled that the charges against Rousseff are crimes

The Federal Public Prosecutor (OTP) of Brasilia today ruled that the charges for which it has opened a destitution  impeach President Dilma Rousseff constitute offenses in conventional courts.


The prosecutor Ivan Cláudio Marx asked that the case be filed, although the Justice may reject this recommendation and refer the case to the Attorney General's Office to pursue investigations, according to a statement from prosecutors.

Rousseff was removed from the presidency of Brazil last May 12 by decision of the Senate, while holding a destituyente impeachment, which could conclude next August.

The indictment accused in that process Rousseff a series of accounting maneuvers to make up the public accounts in recent years.

These maneuvers include delays in the payment of funds to public banks and a program of agricultural subsidies, which was considered by the prosecution as an operation of taking credit for the government, which is prohibited by law.

According to the prosecutor, these maneuvers are not a crime and not a credit, however, he considered that these were made with "the aim of artificially improving public accounts in election period", which constitutes "abuse of power" and "dishonestly administrative ".

In its decision, the prosecutor also requested that other complaints of alleged irregularities Rousseff Government in relation to similar operations relating to the program cost housing driven by the state archive.

According to the indictment in the impeachment, the government systematically delayed sending resources to the Banco do Brasil, Caixa Economica Federal and National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) state, amounts were used to pay for social programs in a election year.

These practices, which date from 2014 and maintained in 2015, gave support to the charge that led to the opening of impeachment against Rousseff, who was suspended from duty and replaced on an interim basis by then-Vice President Michel Temer.

The trial Rousseff is now in the hands of a committee of senators, who is preparing a report that will recommend the dismissal of the president or that the case is filed.

That report will be presented on August 2 and then sent to the full Senate, which must be voted on 9th of that month.

If approved by a simple majority of 41 votes among the 81 possible in this instance, the Supreme Court will reconvene the full Senate for a final session in which Rousseff would be dismissed if they would support a supermajority of 54 Senators majority (two thirds).

Of reached that extreme, Temer conclude the mandate expires on January 1, 2019, but was acquitted Rousseff, will regain power once the judgment is published.

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