News Daily Spot: Who wins on social Networking Clinton or Trump?

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Who wins on social Networking Clinton or Trump?

Social networks are not only fundamental in any contemporary election campaign, but they are a good barometer to gauge promptly as things go in an election. In our experience, the most influential political figure in social networks generally rises with victory at the polls.

From the comfort of distance, we take a look at the major social networks candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, facing elections on November 8 this year.

Let's start with Instagram:

Donald Trump wins this round not only in number of posts (783-560) but has almost 50% more followers (1.8 million) Hillary (1.3 million), although a report last year gave Hootsuite Clinton a score of 85 points out of 100 in Instagram, topping the list of all candidates in a matrix of criteria including the quality of the photographs (30%), originality (20%), engagement of the audience (20% ), authenticity (15%) and consistency (15%).

We must take into account that Clinton recently started in Instagram a year ago (on June 10, 2015) and initially used this network to highlight its non-political facets.

In Facebook both candidates have very good scores, according to Likealyzer:

Trump dominates closely score 95-93 but more than doubles Clinton in number of fans, 8.4 to 4.1 million.

In the images above you can observe the recommendations made by the application Likealyzer both candidates.

Hillary recommends: open to your fans, check the extent of its articles (too long), to ask more questions and seek publish in prime time.

A Donald also recommends you open the page to your fans, ask more questions, post in prime time and set milestones, as Facebook allows.

We closed our short walk through networks with Twitter, the political network par excellence:

Trump dominates in number of followers in this network, with 9.2 million vs 7 million Clinton and according to Twitonomy, in the last two months has grown at a rate of 26,125 new followers per day, Hillary vs 19,466.

The @RealDonalTrump account is # 202 in the world in terms of followers, while @HillaryClinton is # 324.

What Klout tells us, our fundamental parameter measurement of influence?

In terms of influence, Hillary Clinton appears with a relatively comfortable lead, with 94 points out of 100, surpassing the 88 of Donald Trump.

While it is true that many more people follow Donald Trump on social networks when compared to Hillary Clinton, the indices of influence suggest that the Democratic candidate has more resonance, but it's up redouble efforts to encourage people to follow .

We will continue to follow closely, from social networks, this exciting race.

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