News Daily Spot: US ends its primary cycle, with Trump and Clinton as achievers

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US ends its primary cycle, with Trump and Clinton as achievers

United States ended Tuesday his cycle primaries to elect presidential candidates this year, with Donald Trump, on the Republican side, and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat, as high achievers, and who, in all probability, be They will face at the polls in November.

Although both had reached the necessary number of thin to be automatically nominated to the respective conventions of their parties in July, the day served to shore up its leadership, with important victories of the two in various states.

In a cycle of primary as atypical, Trump, the controversial property tycoon by which nobody would have bet a little more than a year, got rid of all his rivals (which began as 16, including notable and experienced politicians) and secured nomination two weeks ago, reaching the 1,237 delegates.

Meanwhile, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who makes also a year was considered by the media as the "inevitable candidate," found in his way unexpected and surprising obstacle democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, and not secured nomination until yesterday evening.

On the last day of primaries for both parties except the District of Columbia in the case of Democrats (where there is only playing 20 delegates and vote on June 14), went to the polls the voters of New Jersey, Montana , New Mexico, California and South Dakota for both parties and North Dakota just for Democrats.

As expected, Trump, no longer rivals after the withdrawal of Ted Cruz and John Kasich in early May, he won five races, while Clinton three of the six states was at stake for the Democrats and Sanders, two North Dakota and Montana.

With 40% of the vote counted, Clinton Sanders exceeded by 20 points in California.

Despite his victories, both Trump and Clinton will not officially receive the title of candidate of their respective parties until the delegates meet at conventions Cleveland (Republicans) and Philadelphia (Democrats), both in July and vote for them.

After the first results of the night, Trump said in an appearance before supporters who "never disappointed" to voters after winning a "rigged system" and opened his arms to followers of Sanders, because, in his view, faced some obstacles Similar.

"(Sanders) also faced a rigged system. We welcome you with open arms, "he remarked the New York mogul, 69, referring to voters senator who calls himself a" democratic socialist ".

For his part, welcomed Clinton at a rally supporters in the New York borough of Brooklyn that "for the first time in our history, a woman will be chosen as presidential candidate for a major political parties."

"Thanks to you, we have reached a historic milestone," said former Secretary of State in a speech that began with clear signs of emotion by the historical moment that was leading.

Clinton is the first woman to lead the presidential candidacy for one of the two major parties in the US and, if he wins in November, will become the first president in more than two centuries of history.

It should clarify that it is the first only in the case of the two major parties because, among other cases, suffragist Victoria Woodhull ran as candidate for the minority party "Equal Rights" in 1872, and the Green Party is presenting a woman as a candidate in every election since 2008.

Despite the severe losses suffered today in New Jersey and California, Sanders said today in a speech to supporters who remain active campaign to the national party convention in July.

"We will fight hard to win the primaries in Washington D.C. and then take our struggle for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to Philadelphia, "he said.

Finished the primary process, the next key dates of this election year in the US are the week of 18 to 21 July (Republican convention that Trump will be elected official candidate), the 25 to 28 July (Democratic convention Clinton will elected official candidate) and on November 8, the day of the presidential election. EFE

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