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These are the gadgets that all addicted to technology should have

More than a decade, the way we communicate was very different from today. The talks face to face were the norm, rather than sending text messages, and our social network basically consisted of fellow students and friends on the block. Today, the number of users who are interacting with any device all over the world, is impressive.

Users have a great liking to their devices and are always looking to consolidate with the best features, which translate into superior performance.

List of the 10 most sought portal devices:

Samsung Galaxy S7: In any of its versions and capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy top the list, and that give users the ability to stay connected through a variety of applications, both with others and with the interface of the most elaborate video games and updates.

Playstation 4: The console covers different sides of technology, excellent graphics, lots of compatible video games, internet connection and interaction between accounts.

Iphone 6: Its particular operating system with many users clicked and gives the ability to interact in a personalized manner with others that have the same technology, their loyal fans updated versions pace of launches.

Samsung Curved TV: Its curved technology dazzled audiences. The shape of the panel, similar to the human eye, immediately activated peripheral vision and can experience very real images.

Lenovo Laptop: Excellent quality for a great price, its features are typical of a machine daily use of high performance, combining speed, functionality and style.

Google Chromecast: Turn your TV into a SmarTV, broadcasting music videos and mobile, tablet or computer, browsing the easiest way.

UPS: Provides power and stable DC voltage to your equipment to extend its life, protecting it from electrical fluctuations.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro: The most technological way to take notes and share them, excellent graphics and processor speed.

One Printer Epson: Scan, copy, print from one place in the most effective manner and with high performance.

4K Panasonic Blu Ray: Plays with the highest resolution, giving the TV the best images that the eye can capture.

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