News Daily Spot: The last message of one of the victims ". Mom, I love you, I am going to die"

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The last message of one of the victims ". Mom, I love you, I am going to die"

When bad night ended and the authorities were able to enter and make their way through the club, they had to tread carefully and pass on the bloodied bodies were everywhere, after an attacker of 29 years broke into the armed place with a rifle M4 assault, a gun and what was described by the authorities as an alleged "explosive device".

"If you are alive, raise your hand!", Authorities said on entering.

Around them, the phones of victims incessant sounded, it was the soundtrack to a carnage that the United States had ever seen. Press the attack was the worst shooting in the history of that country.

Some survived to tell the tragedy.

Employees and owners of the place said that a person who was hiding in the bathroom was covered with dead bodies to protect themselves. So he managed to survive.

Some of the artists who were that night hid in the dressing room when the shooting started.

But not many were able to escape.

During the dramatic three hours of the killing, the attacker took several hostages while others took shelter in the locker room or air conditioning outlets.

At the time of the killing, Eddie Justice Jamoldroy 30 years sought refuge in the bathroom from where he wrote a message telling her mother the inevitable: that there was going to die.

"Mom, I love you," he wrote. "There's a shootout at the club, I'm stuck in the bathroom".
"Call the police. I'm going to die, "he said.
His mother, Mina Justice, tried to assure him that had called 911 and help was coming.

"The'm calling, answer your phone," said the mother.
"Call me !, Call me!" She insisted.
Justice replied: "Call them mom now. Still in the bathroom. He is coming. I'm going to die".
Eddie Jamoldroy Justice did not speak again.

He was one of the 49 victims who died in the slaughter

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