News Daily Spot: Neo PlayStation 4 could reach the market this year

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Neo PlayStation 4 could reach the market this year

Sony confirmed Neo PlayStation 4 could debut this year commercially, despite not having led a single minute in the conference held by the company in the past E3 2016, publishes

The more powerful than the current PlayStation 4 system reach stores later this year, according to unnamed sources consulted by Digital Foundry. "Several sources have told us that PlayStation Neo come this year, contrary to what we thought having no presence at E3" comment.

In fact, in a long, long article from Digital Foundry explain if there really is a market big enough to claim contained only 4K or higher resolution. In his corner within Eurogamer flying very specific data -distributed for Steam-, which would demonstrate the lack of high-resolution screens: less than five percent of all players have devices or compatible with 4K screens.

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