News Daily Spot: Clinton wins last Democratic primary and meets with Sanders

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Clinton wins last Democratic primary and meets with Sanders

Hillary Clinton won the primary last Tuesday the Democratic Party in Washington and met with rival Bernie Sanders, at a time when the United States faces the aftermath of the worst attack in its territory since the Sept. 11, 2001.

According to CNN and NBC, Clinton won in the federal capital with about 80% of the vote.

After the result, Clinton and Sanders met in a Washington hotel "and had a positive discussion about their respective campaigns on the unification of the party and the dangerous threat posed by Donald Trump for our nation," said a statement from the campaign Clinton.

"They had a positive discussion about the best way to attract more people in the political process" and the threat posed by Trump said his side Michael Briggs, a spokesman for Sanders.

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Sanders has so far refused to leave the race against Clinton, but last week adopted a more conciliatory tone in promising to "work" with the former first lady to beat Trump in November.

Sanders attempt to influence the Democratic election platform before the party convention in late July in Philadelphia, which was formally appoint Clinton as presidential candidate.

Tuesday Sanders resumed his call for a reform of the Democratic primaries and the development of a progressive party program, noting that "it was now time to launch a fundamental transformation of the party".

"We at the convention to adopt the most progressive program ever approved the Democratic Party," he said. Their conditions could include the prohibition of hydraulic fracturing (fracking, used to extract oil) or increasing the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour (Clinton proposes 12).

The senator also called for eliminating the figure of the "superdelegates" elected officials and Democratic Party figures who can vote at the convention without being obliged to follow the results of the primaries. Most supports Clinton, what Sanders considers undemocratic.

President Barack Obama announced his support to Clinton last week, after a meeting with Sanders at the White House, and had to make a first joint rally with the candidate on Wednesday, but was suspended after the attack.

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