News Daily Spot: Pyongyang failed again to fire a ballistic missile

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Pyongyang failed again to fire a ballistic missile

North Korea today fired a medium-range ballistic missile, but the launch was unsuccessful.

"North Korea tried to launch a missile unidentified from near Wonsan region, but we believe it has not been successful," he confirmed a spokesman for the South Korean Defense Ministry.
The South Korean military is studying the details of the launch of the device that, according to sources, could be a medium-range missile Musudan.

"We are currently analyzing the release and at the same time, strengthening our defense posture," said defense spokesman in Seoul.

Should be a Musudan, it would be the fourth time that North Korea fails when shooting one of these missiles, because in April conducted three failed launches detected by the armed forces of neighboring South Korea.

The Governments of Japan and South Korea have warned on the eve of the possibility of imminent launch of Musudan, a new missile whose range of up to 4,000 kilometers would allow him to put in the spotlight at the US base at Guam in the Pacific.

Seoul believes that the regime of Kim Jong-un has approximately 50 units of this missile.

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