News Daily Spot: China opens military camps to help cure young internet addicts

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China opens military camps to help cure young internet addicts

China recognized the addictive nature of the Internet and online games many years ago, which led to the opening treatment centers with military style in which quarantines young people who compulsively use technology, especially video games online .

The training method is up at 5 in the morning physical training in the morning, lunch, rest, ethics classes, war movies, dinner and sleep.

According to information in China there are young people who use video games for up to 30 hours straight and several people say go to extremes to lose touch with reality as the digital world absorbed.

In the United States, the American Psychiatric Association said Disorder Internet gaming in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental 2013 disorder and said "it is a disorder that requires further research and clinical experience before inclusion is considered in the catalog main formal disorders. "

In the manual, known as DSM-5, for its acronym in English, mental disorders for clinical staff consultation, medical, pharmaceutical and insurance are classified.

The authorities of the treatment centers believe their method (intense physical training and no computers) will cure most addictions.

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