News Daily Spot: At least 33 killed in wrecks refugees to the Turkish coast

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At least 33 killed in wrecks refugees to the Turkish coast

at least 33 people were killed Monday in two wrecks drowned boats carrying refugees from the Turkish coast to nearby Greek island of Lesbos, reports NTV.

At least 11 people were killed and three were rescued alive by sinking a boat in the province of Balikesir, while at least 22 others drowned in a shipwreck few kilometers south, following from the beaches of the neighboring region of Izmir.

The second boat carrying about 40 refugees, according to preliminary evidence, and so far only four survivors have been found, so it is feared the death toll to rise in the coming hours.

Turkish coastal patrols are conducting search and rescue operations with air support in the area.

Bad weather in the Aegean, with winds, waves and low temperatures, even yesterday caused damage to recreational craft in ports entertainment from the Turkish coast, so the journey to Lesbos, a distance of ten kilometers of coastline Turkey is extremely risky.

Turkey has counted about 2.5 million Syrian refugees, of whom 260,000 live in camps with the support of the authorities, while the rest survive on their own, often working illegally, since it is not yet in force announced law to regulate access to the labor market.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel today in Ankara, where he met with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to discuss the care of refugees in Turkey and strategies to stop trying to cross to Europe.

Brussels has promised 3,000 million euros to Turkey for this work, but it is not yet clear whether these funds will go to improve the lives of refugees and to increase surveillance in areas where trying to leave for Europe.

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