News Daily Spot: Ruling bloc of Venezuela withdrew installation of AN

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Ruling bloc of Venezuela withdrew installation of AN

The 55 members of the caucus of the United Party of Venezuela, PSUV, left the Chamber of the Legislative Federal Palace sworn in after the new leadership of the legislative session.

The deputy and former president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, said the withdrawal was due to a tie protest since by giving the right to speak to the deputy Julio Borges was violating the Regulation of Interior and Debate by which the activity is regulated parliamentary.

"They have sworn to uphold the Constitution and already today, on the installation, have violated the rules."
He explained that the installation session of the National Assembly has a written procedure and you mentioned regulation. "We made a formal complaint which was ignored and so we retired."

As for the parliamentary agenda presented he indicated that from the bench no official amnesty law was approved. In addition, he called demagogic and hypocritical the bill Cestaticket for pensioners when they did not approve the resources for these pensions.

He said that real change was going from 300,000 to 3 million pensioners as well as ensuring free medicine and health. He warned that the opposition bloc offers a retreat, not a change.

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