News Daily Spot: UN warns of the Trump message against Muslims

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UN warns of the Trump message against Muslims

The UN today expressed concern about the messages against Muslims expressed by Republican candidate for the White House Donald Trump.


"We do not believe anyone should follow rhetoric that are based on Islamophobia, xenophobia or any other call to hatred of any group," spokesman Farhan Haq asked at a press conference on the latest proposals for Trump.

The UN, which usually avoids commenting on the words of the candidates for the American presidency, stressed the concern of the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, to "any form of xenophobia or any feeling against immigrants or groups based on race or religion ".

"And that certainly applies to this case," Haq said of the idea of ​​Trump to prohibit entry into the United States to all Muslims, which has been met with a wave of criticism from other political leaders.

The spokesman made it clear that the organization does not want to enter "rhetoric" of the political campaign, but admitted that such messages are worrying Ban long.

Trump today reaffirmed his idea to temporarily prevent the entry into US of Muslims "hate" who, he feels part of that community to the Americans and to prevent attacks.

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