News Daily Spot: Tunisia condemned to three years in prison for homosexuality six young

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Tunisia condemned to three years in prison for homosexuality six young

A Tunisian court sentenced six young people aged between 18 and 19 years to three years imprisonment for homosexual relations, reported the Shams association that defends the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT).


According to this organization, one has also received an additional sentence of six months imprisonment for having homosexual video material issue in the computer and all of them were banned from entering the city of Kairauan (central Tunisia) during five years.

Boutheina Karkni, defense attorney, has filed an appeal, which is due to be considered by the court Kairauan from December 20.

Young people sentenced to the maximum penalty that Tunisian law provides for such acts considered criminal, were arrested in late November and early December after being denounced by neighbors.

During the investigation, all of them were abused to suffer anal examinations, he said a member of the association, who for years requires the repeal of article 230 of the Tunisian penal code authorizes this and other practices against gays contrary to human rights.

The sentences were criticized by leading local and international organizations defending human rights, which they consider "medieval", "humiliating" and "discriminatory".

This is the second time in the last six months that gay Tunisians are imprisoned and subjected to anal examinations by the authorities.

Last September, a young man was arrested and subjected to a test of this kind after police discovered he was the last person who had telephoned a man found murdered and confessed to police that he had a relationship with the victim .

The procedure was denounced by the then Justice Minister Salah Ben Aissa, who urged the repeal of the controversial Article 230.

Ben Aissa could not advance your proposal since October, a few weeks later, he was fired for not coming to Parliament to vote another law which was not agreed.

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