News Daily Spot: Trump leads with 20 points ahead, according to new electoral poll

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Trump leads with 20 points ahead, according to new electoral poll

Donald Trump tops a new poll on voting intentions for the candidates for the Republican nomination for the White House, with 20 points ahead of Senator Ted Cruz, who are in second place.


The CNN poll puts the controversial Trump with 36% support among voters registered as Republicans or conservative independent, nine points more than it had in the previous survey, conducted in mid-October.

In second place, with 16%, it is Cruz, whose support has risen 12 points since the previous survey and then stand at Ben Carson retired (14%) and Sen. Marco Rubio (12%) neurosurgeon.

Cruz Rubio, both of Cuban origin, have been gaining momentum as the election campaign progresses, partly by good performances in televised debates between the candidates.

At the opposite extreme is the former governor of Florida Jeb Bush, considered a few months ago as the favorite to win this nomination and that CNN poll has only 3% support, five points less than in October.

Carson, who tied Trump and even surpassed in several surveys a few weeks ago, also seems to be losing strength and has in the CNN poll eight points less than in the previous backup.

In this new survey, conducted from October 27 to December 1 in 1,020 adults nationwide and has a margin of error of 4.5%, four out of ten respondents who define themselves as Republicans see as the candidate Trump It would be "more effective" in solving the problems of the United States.

On Tuesday, a survey by Quinnipiac University also ranked Trump leader, with 27% support among Republicans and followed by Rubio (17%) voters.

The New York Times, also on Tuesday, an article in which he spoke of "panic" that exists today within the Republican Party, which is "increasingly plausible" that Trump is its nominee for presidential elections 2016.

Many senior officials, donors and party strategists "now say they fear Trump's nomination would lead to electoral slaughter, to a large loss that could undo some of the gains that Republicans have had in recent elections in Congress, state and local, "the newspaper said.

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