News Daily Spot: This chip can charge your smartphone to 100% in 10 minutes

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This chip can charge your smartphone to 100% in 10 minutes

The lifetime of the battery of our smartphone remains one of the most annoying and force in any model problems. There are great advances that promise to lighten recharge times, but the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore has achieved the most impressive, to create a chip capable of putting the battery to stop in less than ten minutes.

According to Straits Times, the project led by Professor Yazami Rachid, one of the forerunners of current lithium-ion batteries, has a smart chip that is embedded directly to the battery, thus allowing execute an algorithm that measures the health , voltage and temperature of the battery. It accurately calculates the exact amount of energy required to charge 100% in the shortest time possible.

After five years of development, the final component size is really small. As IBTimes says, the architecture of its design allow integration into any other kind of intelligent device to take advantage of the additional qualities of the chip, which measures real-time battery conditions, including temperature, helping to prevent overloading or fire.

The movement to integrate the chip directly on the stack is smart because it allows to calibrate and monitor its condition at the time, variables that are not considered in the current devices. Yazami says it is already in talks with large companies to include its inception in future models.

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