News Daily Spot: THE GREAT LOOT OF THE CENTURY! They reveal how regime officials stole more than $ 25 billion

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THE GREAT LOOT OF THE CENTURY! They reveal how regime officials stole more than $ 25 billion

At least 25 billion dollars has cost Venezuela operations of an ambitious network of state and military corruption, according to research that led Carlos Tablante and Marcos Tarre, who published under the name "The Great Sack."

The People's Will party leader Carlos Tablante said the research carried out is determined "who and how the money was stolen Venezuelans how this rogue state has also served as a framework for that is its greatest criminal operation: the great looting of an entire nation during an oil boom. Here we show how they were carried out financial transactions with public money in the Principality of Andorra, the creation of fictitious companies, waste and corruption in PDVSA, the looting at the National Treasury, in the system of exchange controls (CADIVI and Cencoex, sitme, Sicad, Simadi) negotiations electrical network corruption, shady business with food, half of corrupted Bolibourgeoisie ".

Tablante said that further exposes the military party, a military structure that has placed a high percentage of members of the National Armed Force (fanbase) in ministries and other public bodies.

He also exparlamentario notes that "taking advantage of a rhetoric of claim of the poor, Chavez almost completely destroyed the productive capacity of the country to do so dependent on their gifts, and then he also disappeared the possibility of importing, plunging Venezuela into scarcity and prostration; and thus a corruption that surpasses any precedent in the history of robbery in Venezuela ".

"The Great Sack" is a continuation of the first investigation called "rogue state" in which Tablante and Tarre explained "how the Venezuelan institutions was taken by military and civilian officials, businessmen and gangsters, to convert the country into a sanctuary crime".

In this second investigation "we link the existing information to compose the overall picture of this theft of historic proportions. We explain how contracts for the mains or food imports and manipulation of capital in tax havens such as Andorra were draining the country of at least 25 billion dollars, while the seriously ill were dying for lack of supplies and people were forced to queuing to buy essential foods, "says the leader of People's Will.

"The military caste and its business allies new and old-fashioned now intend to reign as the rightful owners of a country in ruins: that books like this at least put the reader in touch with records that will do justice," he concluded Tablante.

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