News Daily Spot: The attorney general of Cuba said that on the island there are no political prisoners

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The attorney general of Cuba said that on the island there are no political prisoners

The attorney general of Cuba, Dario Delgado, said that in Cuba there are no political prisoners and maintains that prisoners who say they are dissidents are "common criminals" attracted "counterrevolutionary organizations".

"Sometimes it is said that here are no political prisoners. There are none, "Delgado said in an interview published today in the newspaper Granma (official organ of the Cuban Communist Party) on the occasion of Human Rights Day.

It indicates that most of the prisoners who "call themselves dissidents are common criminals who have been attracted to the counter, internal and external organizations, and receive direct or indirect payment."

"But they are not prisoners of conscience, because if they were they would act differently," the head of the Attorney General of Cuba.

As for foreign prisoners, Delgado explains that it is a "very small number" and some of them are being held for common crimes.

"There are other, very few, who are not linked to crimes of common character, such as terrorists or one that he paid for power, came to Cuba to subvert the political order," he said.

In his interview with Granma, the attorney general said that the protection of human rights on the island "is in the very essence of the Cuban Revolution" and highlights "three great achievements: universal access to education, the potential of the system public health and public safety. "

He also claims that the Cuban constitution and institutions guarantee the realization of all human rights, from the most basic to others as the right to work and paid leave, participation, "the right to freedom of speech under the late socialist society and the rights of assembly, demonstration and association. "

Cuban dissidents claims that there are about seventy political prisoners on the island, according to the opposition Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN).

This group, the one that records and reports data on political repression, recently reported that last November a record of arrests for political reasons with 1,447 arrests, mostly temporary reached.

The Government of Cuba considers the "counterrevolutionary mercenaries" dissidents. EFE

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