News Daily Spot: Russia denies that a military helicopter violated Georgian airspace

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Russia denies that a military helicopter violated Georgian airspace

The Russian Defense Ministry today rejects Georgian accusations that a Russian military helicopter Thursday violated the airspace of the Caucasian country.


"The Russians have not flown helicopters attached to the border of Georgia in the last 24 hours territories. It is no coincidence that the Georgian military base takes all day without specifying even the approximate place that was violated its airspace, "Russian Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said today.

Only at the last minute, according to the Russian official, when they appeared information that pointed to the Russian helicopter had entered Georgian territory near the town Mereti-Zardiaantkari, it emerged that the complaint came from the villagers.

"We encourage the Georgian colleagues that the next time, before making high-sounding declarations, consult objective data, in particular by radio waves locators" he added Konashenkov.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry today reported that a Russian Mi-8 helicopter entered country and flew a police station in the border town of Mereti-Zardiaantkari.

"This provocative act perpetrated against a sovereign state, it proves once again that the Russian Federation ignores the most basic norms of international law," the Georgian Foreign Ministry.

A Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down late last November by the Turkish Air Force when he raped her, according to Ankara, the Turkish airspace, flying over the Turkish-Syrian border.

Moscow denies that its aircraft entered Turkish territory and adopted economic sanctions against Turkey.

Russia and Georgia held a brief armed conflict in August 2008 for control of breakaway South Ossetia.

After the war, won by Moscow, the Kremlin recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia of secessionist.

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