News Daily Spot: Putin accuses Turkey of "lining their pockets with stolen oil"

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Putin accuses Turkey of "lining their pockets with stolen oil"

Russian President Vladimir Putin today reloaded against Turkey and its leaders, whom he accused of "lining their pockets with stolen oil" in Syria and Iraq, in his traditional speech on the state of the nation.

"We know who in Turkey are lining their pockets with stolen crude," Putin said, referring to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family, whom Moscow accuses of benefiting from the oil business plundered by the Islamic State.

The Russian president said that Russia will not forget the demolition of the bomber Su-24 by Turkey, described as "war crime", but said Moscow would not resort to arms to respond to Ankara.

"Do not wait, dangerous for ourselves and for the world nervous and hysterical reaction," Putin said.
The Russian response to the incident with the bomber, said however, not be limited to economic sanctions announced this week against Turkey, which include the closure of the Russian market to Turkish foodstuffs.

"If someone thinks they commit a war crime and murder our people will cost some tomatoes, think again. They will remember what they have done and still regret it more than once. We know what to do, "stressed Putin.

The Russian leader said he did not understand the reasons that led to the Turkish authorities to order the shooting down Russian aircraft, which according Ankara had violated its airspace, flying over the Turkish-Syrian border.

"Only Allah knows what they have done. It seems that Allah decided to punish the ruling clique in Turkey, taking away the good sense, "he said.

Putin's speech in the Kremlin's St. George's room came the wives of two Russian soldiers killed in Syria: the Su-24 pilot shot down and a Marine who died during the rescue operation of the aircraft. EFE

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