News Daily Spot: Macri receives the baton and presidential sash at the Casa Rosada

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Macri receives the baton and presidential sash at the Casa Rosada

Mauricio Macri, the new head of state of Argentina, today completed the formal events of the Assumption to receive the baton and the presidential sash in the Casa Rosada, seat of the presidency, after being sworn in Congress. EFE.

Senator Federico Pinedo, who was from midnight twelve hours the highest authority in the country, was commissioned to deliver control attributes Macri, the refusal of exmandataria and Cristina Fernández to participate in the ceremony.

Delivering precisely control the attributes Macri generated a bitter controversy with the former president ended in court on the eve of the inauguration.

Macri wanted to return to the previous tradition and take the attributes Kirchner at the Casa Rosada, while Fernandez claimed deliver them in Congress, following a custom that premiered the late Nestor Kirchner and that she had followed the assumptions of his two terms.

Finally, now president appealed to Justice, which limited the mandate of Fernandez at midnight on Wednesday and cleared the way to organize your protocol Macri investiture.

In an unprecedented situation in the twelve hours between the end of the mandate of Fernandez and the assumption of Macri, the country formally was in charge of Senator Pinedo.

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