News Daily Spot: "Hard to explain," said Benitez after defeat of Real Madrid

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"Hard to explain," said Benitez after defeat of Real Madrid

Real Madrid coach, Rafael Benitez, estimated Sunday that the defeat in Villarreal (1-0), with a first period "not do anything right" is "hard to explain," but kept the team good feedback merengue fulltime.


"Hard to explain. It is true that the first time we have not been good. As a team expected in the second half. He has it lacked success but the team has done everything he had to do, "he said.

Real Madrid, which is now five points adrift of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid leaders, missed a good chance to get close, especially after the home draw against Deportivo Catalan team (2-2).

"It is a league in which points are lost. All league teams will lose more points. You have to face the matches as we did in the second half. That will allow us to have more guarantees and add in threes, "he said.

"Today I am not happy with the first half, I think the reaction of the second is the way. Unfortunately it cost us three points late to react. It's hard to explain, they are things that happen when the team reacts so well have to think that we have not gone as we should, and must be analyzed. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens, "he added.

"For the first time we have done nothing good and the second it was what we expected. The reaction of the team is the only positive. We continue to be the team that pulls the league, we sometimes finding the goal, we have to improve, "he said.

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