News Daily Spot: FARC pose forgiveness collective agreement in Colombia

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FARC pose forgiveness collective agreement in Colombia

Delas FARC guerrillas on Thursday objected to the government's plan to submit to a plebiscite Colombia peace process negotiating in Cuba, and raised a collective agreement apology to the victims of armed conflict.


The communist organization in arms against the state since 1964, considered that the mechanism of countersignature that promotes their own government "is politically and legally untenable", according to a statement read in Havana, home of the dialogues.

Instead, the rebels insisted on their proposal to convene a constituent assembly to "provide legal and personal security" their fighters and military and officials who participated in the armed conflict for over half a century.

Ignoring this proposal, the government of Juan Manuel Santos drives in Congress a referendum on the peace deal to close in Cuba.

Involved for three years in difficult negotiations to end the conflict, the FARC and the government of Santos try to agree on six topics: rural development, illegal drugs, political participation of the rebels, guerrilla disarmament, justice and reparation victims and countersigning of the agreements.

On Thursday, the parties resumed talks in Havana after a week break, with the intention of finalizing the agreement justice for victims, which would be outstanding points on disarmament and countersignature.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are confident that the victims pact represents "another step forward on the path that should lead to the convening of a constituent assembly," the statement said.

Meanwhile, the guerrillas proposed a collective commitment in Colombia so that "never again" war is reactive, to mark the 25th anniversary of a failed military attack on the FARC leadership.

"We honor the victims, take responsibility, apologize and collectively make a national oath that commits the will of all (...) with the 'never again', is the challenge of the moment," he said.

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