News Daily Spot: A statue made of chocolate Putin-size in his hometown

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A statue made of chocolate Putin-size in his hometown

A confectionery St. Petersburg has developed a chocolate statue of life-size Russian President Vladimir Putin, to expose this weekend before the public in his hometown.

"Chocolate is great for making the statue of the president, because it is a soft substance that can also be hard, something which is very good," the personality of Putin, told several Russian television Nikita Gusev, confectioner sculptor who was commissioned to way to work.

A metal bar makes backbone to support the seventy kilos of pure chocolate used to make the figure, which has a height of 1.70 meters, identical to the Russian president.

"I do not know how our president is sweet, but our sweet chocolate figure is one hundred percent, because it is made of pure chocolate," said Mikhail L├║bchenkov, organizer of the Chocolate Festival in St. Petersburg, which will expose the statue this weekend.

Those responsible for sculpting chocolate incombustible which the Russian leader has again broken all records of popularity among its citizens after reaching a 90 percent approval rating to its management- ensure that the work has no intention rather than the challenge itself that It means processing.

"We wanted to show man behind the president, discover their personality. Why not be just a sculpture of Putin, but a whole composition, in which he appears with his dog and carrying a briefcase at his side on the ground, "said Gusev.

No public can taste the sweetness of the Russian leader, since the work will be exhibited amid tight security, said the organizers.

Only Putin himself may be his clone chocolate, if you decide to attend the party.

"If I were president, I would eat myself happy," said Gusev, while L├║bchenkov said the figure given away the president if he approaches the event. EFE

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