News Daily Spot: US intelligence chief sees no evidence of terrorism against I wrecked Russian aircraft

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US intelligence chief sees no evidence of terrorism against I wrecked Russian aircraft

The national director of US intelligence, James Clapper, said that at this time there is no "direct evidence" of terrorism in the air disaster in Egypt, where on Saturday a plane of the Russian company crashed MetroJet ( Kogalymavia) with 224 people on board.

In a speech to a summit of experts in security and defense, Clapper also said it is "unlikely" that the jihadist Islamic State (EI) is capable of shooting down a plane, although he added that "not rule out" that scenario.

The jihadist group Sina Wilayat (province of Sinai), Egyptian subsidiary of EI, took responsibility for the fall of the Airbus-321, in a video, whose authenticity could not be confirmed.

Russia and MetroJet company, which owns the plane crash in Egypt today not exclude any hypothesis, including the terrorist attack as the cause of the tragedy, although they cautioned it was too early to draw conclusions.

Meanwhile, in the presidential plane to Newark (New Jersey), the White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the US government is aware of the claim of extremists linked to EI and advocated letting research progress instead of "speculating".

Earnest reiterated the condolences and transmitted over the weekend by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, to his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in a telephone conversation and said the government of President Barack Obama has offered support the investigation into the tragedy.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded "do everything" needed to clarify the causes of the air crash, in which there were no survivors.

In addition, Putin recalled that in the Sinai where the plane fell regularly armed clashes between the Egyptian armed forces and terrorist groups are produced.

Executives of the owner of the damaged aircraft carrier assured today that the only possible cause for the Airbus A321 disintegrated in the air is "an external mechanical action", saying that pilots totally lost control of the plane before it began to fall .

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