News Daily Spot: The presidential candidate of the humble sum of US $ 2 million is spent on ads

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The presidential candidate of the humble sum of US $ 2 million is spent on ads

The candidate for the US presidential nomination by the Democratic Party Bernie Sanders launched its first television ad that cost $ 2 million and in which their "long struggle against injustice and inequality" and its ability to highlights last night, "said truth to power. "

The campaign of the senator Vermont said today's announcement, 60 seconds, aired last night in Iowa and New Hampshire, states that have a huge impact on the electoral process in the United States that set the standard of what can happen in the rest of the country.

The title "Real Change" reminds the slogan "hope and change" that President Barack Obama championed when he aspired for the first time, the Presidency in 2008.

"Thousands of Americans have come to see talking to Bernie and we've seen a tremendous response to his message," said director of the Sanders campaign, which has just managed to place in some polls in Iowa and New Hampshire over the Jeff Weaver favorite for the nomination, Hillary Clinton.

"This announcement marks the next phase of this campaign. We are bringing the message directly to the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire, "said Weaver.

The announcement reminds the son of a Polish immigrant who grew up in Brooklyn (New York) humble origins Sanders, went to public schools and the University before being elected mayor of Burlington, the largest city in Vermont and reach the Congress this state.

"People are sick and tired of traditional politics and influences and want a real change," Sanders defended during a mass meeting with supporters, portraying the announcement.

This announcement adds to the offensive in recent weeks, Sanders has undertaken to end the winning streak of Clinton, rising in the polls after the first Democratic debate and graceful exit from extensive questioning of Congress on the attack the US consulate in Benghazi (Libya) of 11 September 2012.

The latest polls from the web Real Clear Politics, put Clinton ahead in Iowa and New Hampshire with 48.8% support nationally over Sanders (27%) and Vice President Joe Biden (16.5% ), which despite having announced that it will compete for the presidential nomination remains on the polls.

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