News Daily Spot: The first test is negative for Ebola to Brazilian from Guinea

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The first test is negative for Ebola to Brazilian from Guinea

The Brazilian government announced today that the first test was negative for Ebola made a citizen of this country who visited Guinea Conakry and presented similar to those of the disease symptoms.


The patient, 46, whose identity was not disclosed, will undergo a second test, but doctors are also conducting tests for other tropical diseases with similar symptoms, including malaria.

The second test will be performed on Saturday and only if is negative may be discarded Ebola, according to the protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Health in a statement.

Until then the patient will continue in isolation and the authorities monitor the constants of 95 people who contacted the patient from his arrival.

Of the 95 contacted, 59 are ambulatory patients in the city of Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, southeast) where the patient was treated, other 31 are five health professionals, people living in the same residence.

The patient was first treated at a medical center in Belo Horizonte on Sunday, two days after returning from Guinea, and was immediately isolated the symptoms such as high fever, headache and muscle.

Wednesday was transferred to Rio de Janeiro, where he was admitted to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Evandro Chagas, a reference center in Brazil for Ebola and other tropical diseases.

This is the second suspected case of Ebola investigated in Brazil, after a Guinean who arrived in the country last year with fever, and both have been negative.

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