News Daily Spot: The dust Anthrax that made activate alert in Brussels mosque was flour

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The dust Anthrax that made activate alert in Brussels mosque was flour

The white powder found inside an envelope at the Great Mosque of Brussels, which forced trigger an alert for Anthrax were only flour, fire service spokesman of the capital, Pierre Meys Efe reported today.

The mosque, located in the neighborhood where the institutions of the European Union (EU) are, was evacuated and firefighters went to the scene to start the procedure in cases of Anthrax finding.

Meys told Efe that eleven people who had been near the envelopes had to be tested and follow a decontamination process that in the end it was not necessary given the nature of the substance found.

The spokesman had explained hours before the procedure is activated in cases of Anthrax includes evacuation and decontamination of people, moving to the place of several ambulances, laboratory specialists and civil protection.

The envelope with an unknown powder had reached the offices of the mosque, causing the alarm to activate.

The laboratory specialists revealed the nature of the suspicious powder.

The Great Mosque of Brussels is located on the grounds of the Cinquantenaire Park, one of the most emblematic places of the Belgian capital, a few blocks from the headquarters of the European Commission and the EU Council.

This event occurs when Brussels is still highest level of terror alert, declared until at least next Monday at the possible and imminent threat of attacks discussed in similar to the 13 November in Paris chain, which killed at least 130 people. EFE

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