News Daily Spot: The dead are 45 factory collapse in Pakistan, according to last count

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The dead are 45 factory collapse in Pakistan, according to last count

Pakistani authorities said the final death toll by sinking seven days ago an industrial building in Lahore (east) is 45 dead and 103 wounded, after concluding the work of finding survivors today. 


"The search and rescue operation is completed. In all, 45 people died and 103 were rescued alive in this tragic accident, "he told Efe responsible Coordination Lahore, Captain Muhammad Usman.

"There is little chance that someone might be alive or dead still trapped under the rubble" of the factory producing plastic bags, the source added.

Usman said that "most of the victims were on the ground floor and first", the four-storey building collapsed.

The operation involved more than 2,000 members of the army, rescue services and local authorities and charities, he said.

The authorities are continuing the investigation to determine if there are responsible.

Some workers had protested three days before the event about the situation of the building, where cracks appeared after the earthquake of 7.5 degrees on 26 October that affected Afghanistan and Pakistan, and in which construction work is performed.

The owner is among those killed by the collapse of the factory, called Rajput Polyester and located in an industrial area of ​​Lahore.

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