News Daily Spot: Santos FARC warns that there will be peace Constituent Assembly

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Santos FARC warns that there will be peace Constituent Assembly

The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, the FARC warned that there will be a Constituent Assembly as the guerrilla group wants to endorse the peace accords are signed in Havana, but made by another mechanism of popular participation, possibly a plebiscite.

"They (the FARC) continue to insist on its Constituent Assembly and we have told all possible ways: get off that cloud, Constituent Assembly will not have," said Santos in a National Youth Meeting for Peace, held in Free University Bogota, Efe reported.

The president explained that although it is not legally required, will design a mechanism established in support of the peace agreements.

The head of state said that the referendum has been talking all sorts of complications, while the plebiscite "is the most appropriate mechanism to endorse the agreements," he said.

"The referendum is a question to the Colombian people and that we would do after we sign the agreement, because you have to make a great education on what it was that we signed, what was it that was negotiated as a package and Colombian people will have the opportunity to get out and vote and say. I like or do not like yes or no, "Santos said.

He added that this formula will be a "fully democratic and transparent" countersignature.

"If he wins the no, that will be observed and continue at war for 20 or 30 years, and if he wins the other, the Congress and the process will be entitled to further progress in the way it is up to negotiate between now and 23 March, "Santos said.

The president and FARC leader Rodrigo LondoƱo, alias "Timoshenko", agreed last September to accelerate peace talks that take place in Cuba for three years to reach a final agreement later than 23 March 2016.

The president definitive bilateral and fire said to declare that is required to have verification that the guerrillas stop "extortion", "traffic" and "benefit from illegal mining" also referred to a possible dismissal.

"That's when yes it would be suitable and feasible a definitive cease fire," he said.

Santos said he has also told the FARC that it is necessary to accelerate the negotiations to progress towards the concentration of the members of that guerrilla in certain places of the national territory as a prelude to a bilateral cease-fire and definitive.

Finally Santos said that the future of the Armed Forces has not been, it is not and will not be subject to negotiation in Havana, while reiterating that "if there are benefits for guerrilla legal, will be at least the same benefits for members of our forces. "

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