News Daily Spot: Russian airline rule out technical failure or pilot error in tragedy in Egypt

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Russian airline rule out technical failure or pilot error in tragedy in Egypt

The Russian airline whose plane weekend crashed in Egypt, killing all passengers on board, said Monday that the incident could not have happened by technical failure or human error.

The tragedy, which occurred in the Sinai Peninsula, could only have been the result of other "technical or physical action" which caused the ship to split in the air and then collapsed to the ground, said Alexander Smirnov, deputy director of the airline Kogalymavia.

"The plane was in excellent condition," Smirnov told a press conference in Moscow. "He ruled out a technical fault or crew error," he said.

The Airbus A-321 operated by Kogalymavia under Metrojet brand, flying from the resort of Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea to St. Petersburg when he fell on Saturday in an isolated mountainous area after disappearing from radar, killing 224 people.

An Egyptian extremist group affiliated Islamic State in Egypt said in a statement it had shot down the plane "in response to Russian air attacks that killed hundreds of Muslims in Syrian territory", but Sokolov told Interfax that the award "not It can be considered reliable. "

A source at the commission analyzed the black boxes recovered said Monday that the aircraft did not receive impacts from the outside and that the pilot made no distress call before the ship disappeared from radar.

The source declined to give further details but based his comments on the preliminary assessment of the black boxes.


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