News Daily Spot: Pope regrets that families do not eat together or are distracted with cell

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Pope regrets that families do not eat together or are distracted with cell

The pope lamented today the image of families who do not sit at the table together, or when they do not talk, watch TV or are distracted by the phone and said, during the general audience catechesis, that is " unfamiliar "a family.

Francisco dedicated his catechesis to the "friendliness" (quality of living), he said "is the sure thermometer to measure the health of relationships."

The Pope explained that when there is something a family does not work is right away when you sit down to eat and described how children "in the table are glued to the computer or gadget (referring to mobile phone)" and the family does not listening between it and therefore "is not a family, it is a pension."

"The most obvious sign is the family gathered around the table, where not only the food but also the emotions, joyful and sad events is shared. This virtue is a fundamental experience in life, "he said.

He stated that Christians should be "a special vocation conviviality" and gave the example of "Jesus disdained not eat with your friends".

In this regard, the Pope wanted to explain that sitting at the table and "nurture" is not always "the symbol of a fair division of property, capable of reaching who has neither peace nor affection."

He criticized rich countries "tend to over-nutrition" and this makes them forget what is "real hunger".

He noted that advertising "makes us always hungry and sweet buns" while "many, too many brothers are left without sitting at the table" and exclaimed: "This is a disgrace."

So in the end the faithful greeting, asked that "each family participating in the Eucharist, is open to the love of God and neighbor, especially towards those who lack bread and affection and the next Jubilee of Mercy us do see the beauty of sharing ".


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