News Daily Spot: Obama rejects request pipeline construction as contrary to US interests

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Obama rejects request pipeline construction as contrary to US interests

President Barack Obama on Friday rejected a Canadian oil application to build the Keystone XL pipeline after a federal review of seven years, arguing that the project does not serve the national interests and undermine US global leadership the country against climate change.

By JOSH LEDERMAN / Associated Press

The project pipeline of 1,900 kilometers (1,179 miles) long, would not lower prices of gasoline in the United States, and contribute to the generation of long-term jobs in the country and reduce the nation's dependence on imported oil Obama said.

While flanked Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, Obama said the project was "overly inflated role" in the national political debate and that both supporters and detractors alike used as a "club campaign" as its cause.

The suspension of the pipeline project reinforces Obama's stance in favor of stronger environmental measures. However, it also puts the president in direct confrontation with Republicans and supporters of hydrocarbons, a controversy that will acquire greater intensity with a view to the presidential elections of 2016.

"This pipeline is also not a miracle cure for the economy, as some say, or an express lane for a climate disaster as others say," Obama said at the White House.

Obama also said that within weeks will travel to Paris, where he will participate with other heads of state or government at the UN Conference on Climate Change.

The rulers are planning to conclude a new international climate agreement that Obama believes will be the jewel in the crown of his environmental legacy.

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