News Daily Spot: Obama highlights US generosity to refugees in Thanksgiving Day

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Obama highlights US generosity to refugees in Thanksgiving Day

The US president, Barack Obama, today highlighted the "generosity" of Americans refugees "fleeing the brutality" of the terrorist group Islamic State (EI) in a message to mark the Day of Action Thank you.

"I was touched by the generosity of Americans who have written me letters and emails in recent weeks, offering to open their homes to refugees fleeing the brutality of EI," Obama said in his message, broadcast on radio and internet .

Almost four centuries after the voyage of the pioneers of the Mayflower, "the world is still full of pilgrims, men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a better and safer for them and their families future," he said.

What defines the United States, then the president emphasized, "it is that we offer that opportunity."
After the attacks of 13 November in Paris, especially following reports that one of the perpetrators of these attacks could reach Europe in the wave of Syrians fleeing the war in their country, it has opened a debate on USA on the reception of refugees.

Obama said his plan for 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year remains, but thirty states in the country, almost all ruled by Republicans, have warned that there shall protect these persons in their territories.

In addition, the House of Representatives, Republican majority last week approved a bill to tighten the requirements for admission of some refugees, despite the warning of Obama veto.
Millions of people celebrate today in the US the feast of Thanksgiving, a day to spend with family and eating the traditional turkey.

The day of "Thanksgiving" was instituted to commemorate the relief with which God addressed Mayflower pioneers, grateful for the crops that allowed them to survive the first winter on the shores of the New World.

But historians do not forget that the US also has a say Hispanic roots and celebrated "Thanksgiving" in Florida explorers arrived from Spain the previous century. EFE

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