News Daily Spot: Merkel Hollande promises acting "quickly" against jihadists

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Merkel Hollande promises acting "quickly" against jihadists

The head of German government, Angela Merkel, promised on Wednesday to French President Francois Hollande, to act "expeditiously" in the fight against jihadist group Islamic State (EI), which claimed responsibility for the attacks of 13 November in Paris that left 130 dead.


"When President (French) invites me to reflect on additional responsibilities might assume, for me, it is a true mission (...) will react quickly," Merkel told the French presidency.

The foreign minister was responding to Hollande, who had previously declared: "I want Germany to get involved further in the fight against Dáesh (EI group) in Syria and Iraq."

Hollande Merkel received Wednesday, as part of their mobilization to form a coalition against the jihadists EI for now is not giving great results.

Despite the unity expressed Tuesday in Washington after the attacks of 13 November in Paris, Hollande did not get much from his US counterpart Barack Obama, except the promise to intensify the US bombing against the EI and exchanges of information between agencies intelligence of the two countries.

Before the meeting between Merkel and Hollande, Germany, which is not part of the coalition antiyihadista in Syria and Iraq, he said Wednesday sending 650 additional troops to Mali to help France in the fight against EI.

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