News Daily Spot: Live from New York: Trump will host Saturday Night Live

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Live from New York: Trump will host Saturday Night Live

Amid a strong expectation and harsh criticism, Donald Trump is ready to leave the stage at Studio 8H to drive this Saturday night's "Saturday Night Live."

Despite having 40-year history parodying political program and invite some to laugh at themselves, have a presidential candidate as host for NBC sitcom is almost unprecedented.

So far, only eight politicians had been invited hosts and only one of them-the Rev. Al Sharpton, in 2003 was heavily involved in a presidential race at the time. Democrat Hillary Clinton was invited to the premiere of the last season, but not conductive.

This will not be the first time Trump as a guest host. The billionaire businessman and media celebrity led the program in April 2004, a few weeks after the debut of "The Apprentice" (The Apprentice), also produced by NBC.

This time, "SNL" will serve as a scale Trump campaign seeking the GOP nomination.

Meanwhile, the platform has been awarded the broadcaster rekindled the anger unleashed in June when he announced his candidacy and described without permission some Mexicans living in the US as criminals and rapists. These statements about immigrants made NBC cut ties with Miss Universe contest while Trump said he would never return to her role in "The Apprentice".

This week, NBC faced strong pressure from advocacy groups demanding that Trump is not present in "SNL" so one of them labeled a "racist demagoguery."

NBC has not responded to the criticisms and Trump 90 minutes in the spotlight of "SNL" seem almost certain.

With its renowned French style, the employer welcomed the controversy by saying that this will only help to improve hearing.

The candidate, whose interviews and appearances in debates attract a wide audience, seems to have secured an increase in ratings of "SNL" this week.

"Saturday Night Live" airs this Saturday live at 23:30 ET US (0430 GMT Sunday).

By FRAZIER MOORE, Associated Press

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