News Daily Spot: King Philip VI states that the Constitution prevails

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King Philip VI states that the Constitution prevails

One day after the Constitutional Court suspends the independence declaration approved by the Catalan Parliament, the King said that the Spanish people "is not willing to put in question the unity which is the basis of their coexistence in peace and freedom ". Philip VI has assured Thursday that the constitutional principles "will remain in full force."

"The Constitution shall prevail, that no doubt," he he insisted during the ceremony of accreditation to the sixth honorary ambassadors promoting the brand Spain, the newspaper El Pais published.

"For the constitutional Spain of today is a heritage that belongs to all, it belongs to the Spanish people, which is who resides national sovereignty and the bedrock of all branches of government," emphasized the head of state, which has wanted to convey a message of security in the project unit of the Spanish national coexistence. "The King, as head of state, will always be next to all Spaniards".

In his speech, Felipe VI has also appealed to the ability to overcome the Spaniards before the "great difficulties and major challenges" and warned: "Now is no time to return to the past but to reaffirm our will a present and a future of shared progress and democratic coexistence ".

The King had said on Wednesday that Spain lives "difficult days". What is happening with Catalan influences the perception that the world has about the country and Thursday, during the presentation of credentials to the Ambassadors of the Spain Brand, King could not ignore the political context with constant references to sovereignty challenge.

In this time of uncertainty, Philip VI wanted to convey "a message of serenity and confidence." The president has put forward as collateral "the purpose and the functioning of our democratic rule of law and our constitutional order."

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel García Margallo, has stressed the "conscious deterioration" of the Spanish brand by Catalan independence pulse. 

After linking the "image of outside" to "inside picture", the minister has reviewed some chapters of Spanish history in the nineteenth century "was one of the saddest for the image of Spain", ending with " disaster "for the loss of the overseas territories and" the rise of nationalism in Spain ".

Facing the inner negative image Margallo praised the potential of Spain and its economic resilience, which has placed it in a good collection abroad.

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