News Daily Spot: Islamic State commits genocide against Yazidis in Iraq, says study

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Islamic State commits genocide against Yazidis in Iraq, says study

The group Islamic State (EI) is committing genocide against the Yazidi community in Iraq, according to a study of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, published Thursday, in which allegations of rape, torture and murder is collected.

Yazidis, who are not Arabs or Muslims are a minority that lives mainly Kurdish region in Sinjar in northern Iraq are considered by jihadists as heretics polytheists, AFP said.

In 2014, jihadists made an unexpected breakthrough in northern Iraq, during which thousands of Yazidis were kidnapped and massacred.

"Genocide especially a large number of women and kidnapped and enslaved by their captors children is held against the Yezidi population," said Cameron Hudson, director of the Center for the Prevention of Genocide Simon-Skjodt who conducted the research.

The study, which was conducted over two weeks in September in the Iraqi province of Nineveh (north), refers to "heartbreaking stories" of survivors who had to leave elderly or infirm relatives to flee the EI, especially "the poor who had no access to cars or trucks, who fled on foot. "

The document is revealed at a time when Kurdish troops backed by US military advisers conducted an offensive to retake the city of Sinjar, located in a strategic area for communications jihadist strongholds in Iraq and Syria.

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