News Daily Spot: Iranian government dismantled uranium enrichment centrifuge

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Iranian government dismantled uranium enrichment centrifuge

Dubai, Iran begins to dismantle its uranium enrichment centrifuges under the terms of the nuclear agreement signed in July with six world powers, said the head of the atomic energy agency of the Islamic Republic during a visit to Tokyo.

"We have started preliminary work" on the implementation of the agreement, said Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, was quoted by Japanese news agency Kyodo, adding that the measures include reducing the number of active centrifuges , he told Reuters.

In view of the agreement of July 14, Iran should reduce the scope of its nuclear program under UN supervision to ensure that it can be used in the development of an atomic weapon in exchange for the lifting of sanctions that isolated the They hit country and its economy.

In a separate fact that seemed to confirm that the work has begun implementation of the agreement, 20 Iranian parliamentarians wrote to President Hassan Rohani to complain about the dismantling of two centrifugal uranium enrichment facilities: Natanz and Fordow.

"Unfortunately in the last two days some contractors employees entered and began dismantling Fordow centrifuge ... say they could finish the job in two weeks," he said.

The low-enriched uranium is used for power plants, but may also provide material for an atomic bomb being refined.

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