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In Colombia gay marriage debate

Colombia's Constitutional Court Thursday to discuss his position on gay marriage, at the request of four couples of the same sex of their link with the same terms as heterosexuals is recognized, the high court said.


The review of "the form of solemn union of same-sex couples should celebrate notaries and judges" is on the agenda for the November 12, but court sources told AFP said that the complexity of the decision may take the decision.

The Constitutional Court in 2011 sent a request to Congress where he urged the legislature to two years before design a regulation on same-sex marriage, but he did not.

At the expiration of the deadline in June 2013, the Court received a series of court actions in which he was asked to rule on gay marriage because, in the absence of law and the high court ruling on the matter, some judges and notaries had married same-sex couples and others had refused.

The four couples who requested a public hearing in July to present their cases before the Constitutional Court, whose custody discuss Thursday the senior judges are part of this group.

Moreover, the government and was in favor of the marriage of same-sex couples in July, when four couples presented their cases before the Constitutional Court, charged with ensuring compliance with the Constitution.

"The choice for couples formed by persons of the same sex who want to formalize their union (...) must adhere to the concepts of marital solemn and formal contractual act," then said Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo.

The Minister of Justice, Yesid Reyes, said that homosexuals "must apply by analogy existing regulation today for heterosexual couples, that is, the concept of marriage."

So far, in Colombia, the only gay rights have been recognized by the Constitutional Court, in the absence of congressional legislation.

Last week, the high court recognized the right of same-sex couples to adopt.

In 2007 he admitted de facto unions between same-sex couples (without considering marriage) and granted membership rights to health care to spouses; the following year guaranteed pension rights for gay couples in 2009 and devoted his economic rights.

In Latin America, only Argentina, Uruguay and some states in Mexico is legal gay marriage void. Civil unions between same-sex couples are allowed in Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Chile.

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