News Daily Spot: Hit and kick a pregnant Somali asylum seeker in Germany

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Hit and kick a pregnant Somali asylum seeker in Germany

Police in the state of Brandenburg in eastern Germany, looking for the attackers of a young asylum seeker of Somali origin, eight months pregnant, she was beaten and kicked in the street.

According to a statement released today by security forces, the events occurred yesterday afternoon in the town of Bad Belzig, just over 11,000 inhabitants, Efe reported.

The woman, 21, had gone to a supermarket and carried on the head a sack of potatoes, while talking on the phone.

Suddenly approached by a group of people pushed to throw it to the ground where he was kicked.

The group fled on foot from the scene and police investigating an alleged crime of serious injury, follow the clues provided by witnesses.

The woman was admitted to the hospital, he has not provided details on his health.

According to several local media when he was young was attacked near a refugee hostel facilities in recent months have become the target of numerous attacks by racist court.

The latest report released by the Interior Ministry, alarmed by increased violence against asylum seekers, includes nearly 700 assaults linked to these shelters, from crime to direct attacks propaganda.

Since the beginning of the year there have been about sixty fires in such facilities.

One of the latest attacks took place this past dawn, when several people threw a Molotov cocktail at an apartment building in which refugees are housed in the Saxon town of Crimmitschau, also in the east.

Police have arrested several people between 16 and 35 years, as pointed, they were under the influence of alcohol.

In Berlin, police also searched the homes of ten suspects have messages posted on Internet inciting violence today.

In the operation there were no arrests, but other agents seized numerous cell phones, computers and other devices, from which the suspects had allegedly been throwing inflammatory messages against refugees.

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