News Daily Spot: Flores and Maduro nephews detained without possibility of bail

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Flores and Maduro nephews detained without possibility of bail

A Manhattan court on Thursday charged two nephews of the first Venezuelan lady Cilia Flores of conspiring to introduce 800 kilograms of cocaine into the United States and ordered to be detained without bail.


A federal court filed charges against Efrain Campos and Francisco Flores to participate in meetings in Venezuela to discuss sending a shipment of cocaine to the United States through Honduras.

Both defendants appeared before the New York court, where they were ordered held without bail. 

They did not issue any formal statement. The next hearing was scheduled for November 18.

For young people could exacerbate already tense relations between the US and Venezuela, while reinforcing US drug charges in the highest levels of the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Without mentioning the case, Maduro said early Thursday on Twitter that "the country will continue its path, or attacks or ambushes imperial will to the people of the liberators, have a single destination ... Win".

The arrest came three weeks before legislative elections in Venezuela in which polls show the opposition could deal the ruling party its worst defeat in 16 years amid a triple-digit inflation and widespread shortages of products.

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