News Daily Spot: Elderly relations had died while in a hot tub

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Elderly relations had died while in a hot tub

A Canadian couple, identified as Charles and Dorothy Mackenzie Mackenzie, 67 and 63, were found dead Monday in a hotel near Playa del Carmen, south of Cancun, in a jacuzzi that was inside the room

The authorities proceeded to check hotel room days after it knew nothing of the sixties.

Official sources said that the reason for the deaths was due to heart attack man who somehow made the woman from drowning.

The couple was on the Mexican island to attend the wedding of his daughter, who found lifeless. . She called to the room because they went down to breakfast. By not answering the phone, asked hotel staff for help and went to the room, finding them dead, reported Infobae.

The hotel spokesman, David Rubeo, ruled that the couple died electrocuted by the mechanism tub.

"The room was perfectly fine. All equipment was working perfectly, "he said.

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