News Daily Spot: Earthquakes of magnitude between 4.3 and 6.9 shook northern Chile

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Earthquakes of magnitude between 4.3 and 6.9 shook northern Chile

A string of strong earthquakes of magnitude 4.3 to 6.9 on the Richter scale, rocked today the town of La Higuera, Chile Coquimbo region (north), although no personal misfortunes or damage reported , officials said.


In less than an hour, four strong quakes of magnitude 6.9, 6.8, 5.1 and 4.3 smaller abruptly woke the inhabitants of this town located 538 kilometers from Santiago.

According to the National Seismological Centre of the University of Chile, the strongest tremor (6.9) struck at 22.54 local time (01.54 GMT Wednesday) and its epicenter was 89 kilometers west of La Higuera and 32.7 kilometers deep.

Twenty minutes later, a tremor shook the area again, this time 4.3 magnitude whose epicenter was again placed in the town of La Higuera.

It took only five minutes when another quake of 5.1 struck the area again. The earth moved again to force 23 minutes later with a 6.8 magnitude quake.

These four telluric phenomena repeat the epicenter of an earthquake of magnitude 5.0 on the Richter scale occurred at 20.48 hours on Tuesday (23.48 GMT), also in La Higuera.

Meanwhile, the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy (SHOA) reported that none of the earthquakes recorded tonight in the ocean waves generated to produce a tsunami.

The slogan page seismological institute in this day a total of 34 earthquakes of magnitudes between 2.5 and 6.9, most in northern Chile.

According to experts, all these earthquakes are part of a long string of aftershocks (over a thousand), following the strong 8.4 earthquake last September that shook the northern and central South American country and left 15 dead, 6,056 homeless , 971 houses destroyed and heavy damage.

Chile is considered one of the most seismic countries in the world and from colonial times has had at least 80 earthquakes, which only in the last 60 years have caused 40,733 deaths

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