News Daily Spot: Colombia allows adoption of children with homosexual couples

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Colombia allows adoption of children with homosexual couples

He described the government as a historic judgment of the eve of the Constitutional Court gave the green light in Colombia to the adoption of children by same-sex couples.


"Historic decision" to the Constitutional Court "to give free rein to the adoption egalitarian reiterating that all have the same rights," wrote around midnight in his Twitter account Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo.

By six votes to two Wednesday afternoon the Constitutional Court endorsed the adoption by egalitarian couples on the grounds that the sexual orientation of two adults can not prevent children to have a family.

By way of Christ, "the decision of the Constitutional Court means a substantial progress towards a more modern, civilized and inclusive society".

The voices opposed to the judgment did not wait, as the President of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, Archbishop Luis Augusto Castro, who described the decision as a mistake of the high court.

"Sounds good already publicly manifest since it was a mistake and simply the fundamental right of the child was trampled with this sentence," Castro said in an interview with The Associated Press.

For the religious, the Court, the highest court in Colombia in matters of the Charter, "favored the like adults, but sacrificed the child of an unfortunate way ... that a child may have two dads or two moms not satisfied for growth. I think two dads do a mom or a dad two moms do. "

Meanwhile, the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, in charge of adoptions in the country, pleaded respectful of the judgment of the Court and abided he said.

"The adoption process will continue to comply in accordance with the provisions of the law as it has done the Institute, applying a rigorous process that through workshops, interviews and visits to determine the suitability of those who want to adopt, guaranteeing the right to children and adolescents to grow up in a family, "the institute said in a statement.

Also third in the controversy the Ombudsman, which saw the ruling is "a historic breakthrough against discrimination and in favor of equality."

The presentation of the case was conducted by Judge Jorge Ivan Palacio, who in a 145-page document concluded that expert concepts realize that is scientifically and medically established that minors may suffer injury if your parenting runs by homosexual couples.

In late August 2014, the Constitutional Court itself had given the green light to the adoption of a child by two women, but with the caveat that this decision applied only to cases in which a plaintiff was the mother or the biological father of the child.

Since 2007 same-sex couples, by decision of the Constitutional Court itself, they can be inherited and join the health system and pensions. However, the Colombian Congress has failed to legislate on marriage between same-sex couples, as it has asked the Court.

In Latin America, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico City they have regulated the adoption by homosexuals. In Brazil's case rests with the interpretation by judges.

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