News Daily Spot: Clinton continues to lead in fighting the Democratic contenders for the White House

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Clinton continues to lead in fighting the Democratic contenders for the White House

Hillary Clinton holds a wide lead over his main rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, in the fight for the Democratic nomination to qualify for the White House in 2016, according to a survey released today by the US television network CBS News.

Clinton has the support of 52% of Democratic voters, compared to 33% support it gets Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, according to the poll, also participated in the drafting of the New York Times.

The popularity of the former Secretary of State does not seem to be affected by the recent attacks by Sanders, who has questioned the authenticity of his progressivism.

In a similar poll released Oct. 15 by the means specified, the former first lady and also drew considerable advantage over his opponent, with 56 percent support.

The senator, who is defined as a "socialist", then received a 32% support.

The former governor of Maryland Martin O'Malley holds a discreet third place with 5% in the poll, released today, which was between 6 and November 10 last by phone 418 Democratic voters and has a margin error of six percentage points.

The survey was published before the second TV debate of the candidates for the Democratic nomination for the presidential elections next year, which will be held this Saturday in Des Moines (Iowa) and face Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley.

The former Secretary of State gets to that appointment after his convincing performance in the first debate, held in Nevada on 13 October.

Clinton's race for the White House also benefited from the announcement of US Vice President Joseph Biden, who last month confirmed he will not run as a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Also, the frontrunner appears to have turned the moment, the controversy of using a private email to discuss matters of national interest when he was Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013 that dogged him last summer in the polls.

The winner of the presidential elections in 2016 replaced in the White House to Democrat Barack Obama, who came to power in 2009 and became the first black president in US history.

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