News Daily Spot: After deception, German Volkswagen require shopping vouchers

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After deception, German Volkswagen require shopping vouchers

German Consumer Federation asks Volkswagen, responsible for several hoaxes or special effects in their engines, compensation in the form of shopping vouchers for German customers affected, said Monday its president reporters. AFP

"The group should assume their responsibilities," said Klaus Muller, president of the federation of consumer protection (VZBZ), in an interview published Monday in the daily Rheinische Post. "Bonds purchase in Germany would be the minimum to compensate consumers affected," he added.

His words came after this weekend an American specialist site reported that Volkswagen wants to propose to every American motorist whose engine was equipped with a system of fraud a gift voucher of $ 1,250 (1,160 euros).

Part of the sum of the bond purchase would be usable only Volkswagen dealers to participate in the purchase of a new car or accessories, and the rest could be spent elsewhere, said the site "The Truth About Cars".

Volkswagen confirmed prepare a commercial activity in the United States and Canada, whose details must be disclosed next week.

The German group, which owns twelve brands of vehicles, from September to face a scandal caused by the installation of a system of fraud controls emissions of nitrogen oxides in diesel million vehicles.

The scandal was amplified last Tuesday with revelations of other frauds in emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) of at least 800,000 cars, including some 98,000 with gasoline engines.

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